6 Ways of Amazon Advertising

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This is for those of you interested to know more about how to take advantage of high level of traffic available on Amazon and divert that to your Amazon stores OR to your website. Having worked on the giant search engine advertising of the west, Google, for many years the options all look familiar.

Amazon Advertising has only become available in the market under a decade ago and currently many brands are relying on the ecommerce search engine traffic to generate sales and awareness for their products. Let’s have a look at options and explore them a little further

1 – Sponsored Products

The CPC (Cost Per Click) based campaigns that allow advertisers to promote their products in Amazon shopping results and products pages where relevant. You can choose what keywords and products to target and select the products you want to promote when your campaigns targeting matches a customer’s shopping query on Amazon platform. You need to define how much you’re willing to pay for each shopper’s click and set your bid based on that. Then depending on competition in the market you’re in and the set-up of your campaign the final CPC is determined when your campaign is run.

2 – Sponsored Brands

Another CPC based type of campaign that is used to raise your brand awareness and increase the chance of being discovered by customers and those didn’t know your brand existed. The ads appear on the relevant shopping results. Once people click on the logo in the ad, they are taken to your Amazon store to explore your products. And if they click on the product or categories in the ad, they will land on your product page. You would use keywords targeting and have just a headline in the ad, where you can write a text copy. So the creative image or video used for this type of campaign should be engaging for people to click. 

3 – Sponsored Display

This will be a typical display campaign, using Amazon inventory showing your display ads contextually to specific audiences or certain products that you want to target. This type of ad campaign allows for your ad to be seen by shoppers throughout their purchase journey and can appear on Amazon or off Amazon, on their third-party websites & apps. The buying model here is either CPC or vCPM (cost per thousand viewable impression). Also, it’s important to know that these ads can only appear when your products are in stock.

4 – Amazon DSP

This is the demand side platform from Amazon, allowing advertisers to buy ad space programmatically at scale on and off Amazon. The interesting thing about this type is that you don’t have to sell products on Amazon to be able to use this type of campaign. You purchase display ads using this method but ad types available via Amazon DSP are not limited to display ads.

5 – Streaming TV Ads & Online Video Ads

A more affordable replacement for traditional TV advertising, Streaming TV Ads, provide an opportunity for those advertisers looking to access audiences at scale across premium streaming TV content including Freevee, Twitch, live sports on Prime Video, top TV network and broadcast apps and the News app on Fire TV. These ads are currently only available in the UK and US markets and advertisers can use them even if they don’t sell products on Amazon. The ads cannot be skipped and appear either before, during or after streaming content. However, Online Video Ads appear in both in-stream and out-stream formats, across browser and app, on various devices. Their formats include in-feed video, in-article video, video in-banner and interstitial video.

6 – Audio Ads

Audio ads take advantage of the intimate time with listeners, with no screen distraction, to get brands’ messages across. Audio creative’s production cost is much lower compared to video creative and advertisers can have 10 to 30 second audio ads that play before or during audio streaming content, when audiences listen to music or news. Based on Nielsen Music 360 report of 2018, only 32% of the US population pays for a streaming subscription, many listeners still rely on free, ad-supported music. It is also valuable to know that music is one of the top customer interactions on Alexa according to Amazon. Again, this campaign can also be used by those that don’t sell products on the platform and CPM is the buying model for this type of advertising campaign.

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