Improved Conversion Rate & Searchandising on Websites

Image: Screenshot from Paul & Shark Website

Assuming you have picked the right media agency who are real experts in paid media, their efforts in driving valuable results for your business only come to fruition when you have a fully convertible and optimised website. The team work hard to drive quality traffic to your website but once potential customers land on the website, it is the job of your online store to provide a customer journey that leads to conversions.

If you’re an e-commerce business selling your products on your site or sending traffic to a third party such as Amazon, then you need to continuously work on improving your website search function in order to increase conversion rates; this ensures that customers get relevant results and find what they need on your website faster. Turning to the non-ecommerce world, if your site is content heavy and users need to perform searches to find what they need, it too could benefit from optimised search experience on your website.

Some initial questions I’d suggest you ask yourselves on this subject are:

1) Is your website search box positioned prominently on all pages to encourage people to use it?

2) Run a test and search for a product you sell on your website. Do you get a search listing result that brings up the product you searched for?

3) How long did it take for the search enquiry to be processed and give you results? Remember, you don’t have more than a few seconds before your potential customer leaves the page.

There are software solutions such as Algolia that businesses use to enhance their website searchandising (search merchandising) experience. The search API helps brands curating their website search results in a manner that is comparable to practices in physical stores where the ‘in demand’, ‘high in stock’ or new products are positioned in a way that increases their visibility to customers as they walk into stores.

Paul & Shark, the Italian luxury clothing brand has a success story to share about improving their website search functionality. Not only did they increase revenue through expanding sales, but they also used the queries coming through the search box to provide better customer service and gain insight into what information customers looked for beyond direct sales questions. Examples were: ‘how can I load up my loyalty points’ or ‘how can I exchange a product’ , etc. Have a look on their website to experience fast, precise and visual search results for yourself.

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