Understanding Where to Meet Consumers Online

I thought this piece would be interesting for brands in their attempts to make sure their digital advertising investments are spent somewhere worthwhile.

Brands need to be present where their target audiences spend most of their time. In the advertising industry we frequently get the latest industry updates on the level and type of audiences available on various websites and advertising platforms, so we can always advise our clients on the best options.

Recent data from comscore show the ranking for the top 20 multi-platform online properties. We’re looking into the UK data for this analysis piece, but feel free to use the link and see the updates for US, France, Germany and Spain markets if they are relevant to your brand and products.

First Ranked Property:

Across different age groups from 18 to 55+, unsurprisingly Google websites are the first in the ranking, having the highest volume of unique visitors. Think about your daily internet usage and websites such as Google search engine, Google map and YouTube here. This shows how vital it is for brands to have a presence on Google websites/properties.  

We then looked at the same data sorted by average minutes per visitor. Here we found Google sites were still on the top of list for those aged between 18 to 24 and 35 to 55+. However, Spotify properties had the highest average minutes per visitor for age group 25 to 34.

Second & Third Ranked Properties:

When it came to the second and third properties – sorted by the volume of unique visitors – it became more interesting, and we observed a bigger impact by age. Younger people (18-24) tended to visit Microsoft sites and Facebook (but the average minutes per visitor was 354% higher on Facebook than Microsoft sites). For Microsoft sites think of Skype, Bing search engine and LinkedIn. For Facebook also think about Instagram and WhatsApp.

Those aged between 25 and 44, tended to visit Facebook and Amazon sites after Google, with the average minutes per visitor being much higher on Facebook compared to Amazon. This is due to the nature of each platform and the type of needs they serve for their customers.

Those between 45 to 54 visited Reach Group property – owners of the Daily Mirror & Sunday Mirror – followed by Facebook; and the 55+ visited Microsoft sites and the Reach Group.

Looking at the second and third top ranked online properties, they provide strong evidence of the value of exposure on social media platforms such as Facebook properties to create awareness and sales for brands.

Another interesting finding here was that the only age group that had Snapchat among its top 20 most visited properties was the 18-24 age group. Also, Rightmove sites only appeared for the age groups from 25 to 44. Moreover, The Guardian was among the top 20 sites for those aged 45+. In order to reach those on The Rightmove or The Guardian, we’d recommend Programmatic Display as the media channel to access these target demographics.

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