Google Search Data Predict the Future of Retail

Image Credit: Paul Felberbauer on Unsplash

Google predict a range of consumers behaviours that will continue after the pandemic is over:

  • Unpredictable buying patterns as consumers react to the changing conditions. Data show 15% of Google searches every day are brand new.
  • Consumers will continue to seek ideas and discover new things online. 70% of shoppers surveyed by Google said they bought from a brand after seeing it on YouTube.
  • We mentioned in our recent market trends piece that during the pandemic consumers have experienced  the comfort of ordering online, and they will continue to expect and demand convenience from brands. Searches on Google for “available near me’’ have grown by 100% and searches for “curbside pickup” have grown by 3000%. In addition, consumers search for “delivery on Sunday” has increased during the pandemic.
  • Consumers care about the values of the companies they buy from. 71% said they preferred to buy from those companies aligned with their values. For example, searches on Google for “ethical online shopping” have surged throughout the pandemic.

How do these translate to action for your business?

  • If you’re in retail industry you need to work with your trusted digital marketers to help you translate your business marketing data into actionable insight so you can adapt your business to these behaviour changes and consumers expectation at the right time. Data available from your Google Ads account will assist to feed into your brand content, and to get ideas of what products are in demand among consumers. This is what The Farmer’s Dog did, and due to the subsequent increase in demand their new customers acquisitions rose by 240% in 2020.
  • Show up at decision making moments throughout the consumer shopping journey. Today consumers are always shopping, whether it’s browsing and coming across products that they didn’t know they needed (remember our recent social media piece on Facebook Discovery Commerce), or actively searching to buy something they need. Dick’s Sporting Goods learned from Google data last year that there was an increase in outdoor activity demand, so they used YouTube as part of their video advertising and launched curbside pickups to capture this demand. As a result, they not only increased their store sales but also doubled their ecommerce sales.
  • Work on your customer retentions and turn them into superfans by providing them with a differentiated trusted experience. Highlighting what you stand for on your website, and use technology and data to provide a different user experience online. As people lost their physical contacts with their loved ones during the pandemic they used floral services to stay in touch. The company 1.800 Flowers saw a surge in demand for this service early on during the pandemic, so they used data and insight from Google in order to improve their loyalty programme. They also created an online community and launched a virtual flower arranging process to encourage customers to keep coming back. Such action all helped to increase their revenue by 45% YoY.

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