Why I Created Media-tative

Some entrepreneurs create their business to address a clear gap they have spotted in the market. My motivation for creating Media-tative was different. I was fully aware that there were many paid media agencies out there handling client digital advertising. But, I also had a long-standing dream; from early on in my career, I wanted to build something distinctive of my own within media advertising, and to grow it globally.

The seeds were planted in my mind from my early 20s when I was based in Tehran working for the best advertising agencies in the country in what we call today offline media. I always wanted to learn more and go beyond my local market to get work experience before I set up something of my own. Having an international business was part of my dream, and to make that happen I needed to be able to communicate in the global business language comfortably & confidently.

That, combined with my eagerness to get work experience from global media agencies, drew me to London. Starting all over again, I had to establish myself in a new market. I already had a Masters degree in Advertising, but I wanted to become competitive in this new market too. So, I set myself a new goal to obtain a second Masters in my field from Leeds University. This time I had decided to focus on online media advertising. So, I started my first Paid Media role in Paid Search in London at Omnicom Media Group. My new career journey went on for almost a decade as I moved to other global agencies and clients, while ensuring each step was taking me closer to that dream.

And finally, one day I was ready mentally and physically to embark on the challenge of heading out on my own. I probably wouldn’t have waited so long had I stayed in Tehran. The successful business would have been long built by now. But, I wanted something beyond a single market or region in scope, something worldwide in ambition and potential. And to make that happen, I had to gain experience and establish myself in a mature media market so that when the time was right, I could start the next stage of my career decisively and with confidence.

Here I am now with this young paid media agency, Media-tative, which is a manifestation of a big dream and strong desire to make it a reality. I know that I have a lot of knowledge and experience that will benefit my clients. I also know that there is a lot to learn to build and run a successful business.   

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