Performance vs Brand Campaigns: Why You Might Need Brand Campaigns in Your PPC Advertising

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This article outlines one of the scenarios when small to medium sized business owners’ PPC advertising does not go exactly to plan and deliver the expected results.

If you have tasked your media agency to ‘’just sell more’’ of your products, the chances are they have categorised your PPC campaigns as a performance-based campaign, optimising it towards metrics such as sales, cost per acquisition (CPA), conversion rate (CVR) and return on advertising investment (ROAS), etc.  Typically, the keywords that are being used in this type of campaign should be ‘highly converting’ in order to generate good results. Those keywords are usually your products’ names, aiming to deliver ‘’just more sales’’ for you at a low rate. However, there are some products that are niche and/or have an exotic quality, which reduces their demand amongst consumers. This means that there are only limited enquiries available via the search engine/Google for them i.e. it provokes less search activity linked to your products’ names on the search engine/Google.

Limited awareness of your products creates an issue around the level of traffic delivered through your PPC campaign, which also has a direct correlation with your sales i.e. the simple fact that the higher the number of clicks to your website, the higher the chance of converting those clicks to sales. The solution here could be:

 A) To increase your brand/products awareness organically or through other marketing activities. This then naturally prompts people searching your products on Google, and your PPC campaign can then capture those enquiries via your PPC ads.

B) To be flexible with PPC advertising goals, allowing your media agency to run brand campaign alongside your performance campaign. This means opening your PPC campaign to more generic keywords and display banners, generating awareness and delivering more traffic. Be aware that the success of these brand campaigns would be measured by different KPIs. Metrics will include impressions, clicks and click through rate (CTR), etc., and not necessarily the generation of sales. The good news here is that you have made your PPC activity work more effectively – by introducing brand campaigns you have started using the channel to feed into the top of the marketing funnel.

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