This Last One is About Gratitude

Image Credit: Jon Oldfield

I aim to keep this month’s article short and sweet. I started 2020 hopeful but slightly overwhelmed, with it being my 1st year in my own business. Then the pandemic hit, I became worried, and everyone around me became concerned, too. At the same time, I felt that maybe (hopefully) this period would also encourage some businesses to invest further in their brands digital ecosystem. And, I feel that this has proved to be the case in many instances, with businesses seeing how a strong digital presence is necessary to support them moving forward.

So, I’m closing this year with expressing my gratitude to every single one of those individuals who supported Media-tative in any shape or form; those of you who became a client, those of you who gave me advice, and those of you who put me in touch with your networks. A heartfelt thanks to you all.

I’m looking forward to a stronger year ahead for us all, one that allows us to grow and flourish. I wish you all the very best for 2021.

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