Amazon Ads: Fulfilling Multiple Purposes for Product Owners

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This article is for those who own products that are sold on Amazon but might not be aware of Amazon Advertising’s full potential.

You might be thinking that you have already set up your Amazon account for your desired target market/s, as a seller or a vendor, and from now on sales will be coming your way automatically. However, not all brand owners selling their products on Amazon think the same way. Many of your competitors will not leave the selling journey to chance, and actively try to be ahead of their competitors on Amazon. They use Amazon Advertising, meaning when people search for the type of products they sell, their products will have a higher chance of appearing in the search results in front of those customers. These brand owners make sure they protect and defend their market share against competitors in their industry.

Like any other successful paid digital advertising solution such as Google advertising or Facebook advertising, Amazon ads will help product owners to achieve their advertising and marketing goals. The goals could be an increase in sales, or an increase in brand awareness, or even a combination of the two. There are various types of Amazon ads available to achieve these goals depending on different buying models and based on clicks received on ads (CPC) or the number of times ads are seen by customers on the platform (CPM).

To appreciate the benefit of Amazon advertising, think about it as one single powerful website that fulfils multiple purposes for your product(s):

  • Customers search for their intended products
  • They explore new ideas and come across new products
  • They compare various products
  • They read reviews and ask questions about products
  • They compare various prices
  • And, finally they convert/buy

All of the above points take place on One Single Platform. That’s what makes Amazon Advertising worthwhile: finding, attracting and engaging customers.

If you’re thinking about Advertising on Amazon and need support, feel free to get in touch.

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