Why TikTok?

Image Credit: Kon Karampelas on Unsplash

You might have heard of TikTok, maybe not; that doesn’t lessen its influence on today’s digital marketing landscape. TikTok is a very young social networking platform that is using the power of video, bringing together a new community of audiences, who engage with content and brands in new ways. Everyone can be part of this community, express their creativity and communicate their message; they use videos, enhancing their effect with sound, motion, and sight.

TikTok is not where Facebook and Instagram are today in terms of the level of traffic it can offer to brands and advertisers but the number of its app downloads shows a continuous rise and this pace has increased during recent months. TikTok is now available in 150 markets and 75 languages, demonstrating the platform’s potential.

As with other social media platforms, brands have an opportunity to leverage TikTok through organic activity or paid ad formats – the latter helping with higher audience reach in a shorter time frame. Advertisers use various techniques to create engagement and increase brand awareness on the platform. They continuously invite and encourage users & followers to self-create content, get involved, and use certain hashtags/challenges, sometime using influencers’ support to reach their marketing goals.

It is early days for TikTok and many brands and marketers are still in the discovery phase to know what works best for them in order to engage audiences and promote their products and services. Yes, you read it right, services! On a recent TikTok webinar (organised by Nemorin Film & Video) the CEO of Fanbytes Influencer Marketing Agency told a story about an accounting practice that used the platform to hire new staff for their business. As I always advise my clients, it’s all about constantly testing to find the right digital channel and platform that could attract attention for your brand.

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