Google is Giving Back to Eligible SMEs Globally

Image Credit: Shattha Pilabut on Pexels

Google has announced that they are giving ads credit to small and medium-sized businesses globally – worth $340 million USD. Google is supporting this invaluable part of our economy, helping SMEs to stay in touch with their customers through spending the credit on Google Ads at this very difficult time.

It’s great news for those businesses meeting the eligibility criteria*. The credits are automatically added to Google Ads accounts, so eligible SMEs don’t need to do anything as Google will take care of this for them.

The scheme was launched in New Zealand earlier this week and is to be rolled out in other countries during the coming weeks.

A range of factors are utilised to determine the amount of credit for each eligible business – up to a maximum amount of $1K USD. (I know, it might not seem much in the current climate, but it is still a great gesture from Google).

Look out for the credit if you meet the eligibility criteria and make sure to use the credit by the end of 2020, otherwise it will expire.

If you’re interested to find out more, Google keeps updating this page with further information about the roll-out of the scheme.

*SMEs must have used Google ads services for 10 months in 2019 and in January and/or February of 2020.

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