An Open Letter from an Agency Owner to Brand Owners

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Never before in my Media & Advertising career had it been necessary to prove to a prospective client that advertising on media works. Not only that, but to defend the integrity of myself and my company. Why? Simple. Because being part of big media agencies ensured that prospective clients already knew the enormous value and the benefits of the service. They knew that their ability to make money and grow was dependent on their investment in media.

Fast forward to today, those media agency days are behind me as I chose a new career path – to strike out and build my own media agency. For those of you who have done similar things, you will relate to my mixed sense of excitement and trepidation as I started to build a new business from the ground up. I am learning everyday about things that I never had to deal with in the past. And, finding new clients, brand owners, who have the right product or service, and who can see the benefit of my paid media advertising expertise remains by far my biggest challenge.

These days I talk to many people who are uncertain of me, my career and my previous experience. They just know that I am one of many that they come across every day who offer Paid Media Advertising services to SMEs. This can place me and my new business in a vulnerable situation as, in some cases, their previous experience may well have been problematic. There is no doubt that some have, unfortunately, been burnt in the past by being overcharged or else let down in terms of what was originally promised. Furthermore, in some cases their product or service might have not been suitable to benefit significantly from Paid Media Advertising in the first place.

Having had a disappointing experience in the past, some of my potential clients come to me with a fixed mindset, feeling convinced that they’ve done it all, and they know it all. This can often be a deflating experience. The resulting conversation can feel more like an interrogation, having to constantly defend my profession and prove the value of my service and business. I can’t help but feel at times that a quick background check by the prospective client prior to the meeting would in many cases assist the flow and tone of the conversation for the better.

In writing this short piece, I wanted to try and increase awareness amongst potential businesses of the value of Paid Media Advertising, and to draw attention to the many highly experienced, committed and supportive agency owners who are valiantly trying to push their skills, often many years after entering the field, serve their clients’ needs and develop their business. Spending time carrying out a little research on the person with whom you’re going to discuss your digital marketing strategy & plans can assist greatly in preparing the ground, establishing the parameters and generating an appreciation of the person opposite. And, this is regardless of whether the conversation leads to a business partnership or not.

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