The Power of Paid Search

Strider Bikes began life with Ryan McFarland wanting his son to ride. Instead of waiting for him to grow up, he created a bike so his toddler could ride immediately. Today, Strider is a global brand, selling in 78 countries. Using the power of Paid Search, Google Ads puts Strider’s product in front of the right customers across the globe, even though they don’t have a big budget.


Since founding Mediatative, the paid media agency, I have come across a lot of SMEs with a great product or service seeking an effective way to promote themselves but, unlike Strider, remain reluctant to use the power of Paid Search and all the useful data and insight it offers. Their initial concern is that it requires them to invest in a media budget linked to the associated fear of losing money.

Having seen the benefit of PPC for a lot of brands during my corporate advertising career, I am keenly aware of the medium- to long-term value of investing in Paid Search. As Ryan says, ‘’running a small business is very much like running a bike. To keep it upright, you got to keep moving’’. Like anything else in life, we have to take a risk with our business, a calculated risk of course, but if we are hungry to grow, we have to try out new things. Luckily, and unlike many other services that push business owners to commit to a lengthy contract, using Google Ads service requires no long term commitment and the PPC activity can start and stop as the business owners wish, which is a fantastic way for the newbies to test the benefit of this amazing service. 

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