Is Paid Search the Right Channel for Your Brand on Black Friday?

Image Credit: Alyssa Powell/Business insider

The giant Paid Search (PPC) platforms, Google and Bing, have already started preparing advertisers for one of the biggest shopping days of the year, Black Friday.

Microsoft advertising published new statistics earlier this month, indicating that 45% of the searches in the build-up to Black Friday are non-branded (generic) terms, showing how important it is for advertisers to use generic keywords  in order to capture those audiences interested in their products. These audience lists can then be utilised in remarketing campaigns closer to Black Friday.

The stats, based on last year’s consumer behaviour during Black Friday’s shopping peak also show that 33% of purchases online were made on mobile devices, indicating the importance for your website to be mobile friendly in order to complete the user journey to conversion. Naturally, research on products by consumers goes up during the Black Friday period/Cyber Monday, and as searchers shop for the Christmas season we expect to see even higher demand during this time.

While knowing consumer behaviour helps advertisers to plan ahead and have the right set up in place for campaign management and audience list building, don’t forget that demand for generic keywords rises too. As a result, these keywords become more expensive, requiring greater budget investment from brands. So key a question for advertisers to answer is: should they invest in their paid search channel and, if so, should they only focus on particular audience lists that are more valuable and loyal to them? That’s a crucial decision for any brand and especially for small businesses. According to Adobe Insights, based on last year Black Friday trends, 50% of revenue generated during this shopping peak was associated with marketing tactics that involved Paid Search directly in the users’ journey. In fact, this channel was the only channel among others with a YOY growth of 6%. This tells you that investment in Paid Search will be very likely to pay off.

If you made the decision to run a Paid Search campaign for the Black Friday sale, then you could work on a Shopping ads campaign to showcase your products on both Google and Bing search engines. See the iPhone Shopping ads below, sponsored by different retailers appearing on Google.

Source: Google Search Engine

In addition, Dynamic Search ads allow you to target relevant queries automatically based on the content of your web pages. The figure below helps you to understand how this type of text ad works.

Source: Microsoft Advertising Masters

In this blog post, we have only given you a few examples of the many Paid  Search products available on Google and Bing search advertising platforms. Running a small or medium size business and working on a tight budget, we strongly advise you to choose the product that is right for your brand. Always test products before you launch them across your Paid Search account. It’s best to test them outside the peak season and stick to what you know generates the best return on investment for your business during Black Friday so your marketing budget is managed effectively. Lastly, don’t forget that the audience list that you build on people who have visited your website during the Black Friday period is a valuable list for remarketing during the Christmas campaign. Good luck & happy selling!

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