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Instagram introduced Reels to the list of its products in Summer 2020. This was in response to the activities of Instagram’s global competitor & short-form video hosting platform, TikTok. Since its launch, Instagram Reels has gained huge user interest due…


It has been a pleasure working with you across this year. You have been incredibly helpful, easy to work with and so patient with all of my questions, requests for help and probably asking the same question 5 times just in a slightly different way! We can already see what an impact the latest online work is having with our website traffic, something that we have missed for almost 2.5 years now! Looking forward to continuing the great activities next year.

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Great value, great person… We look forward to working together with you more in 2022.


It was quite an educational journey working with you. Thanks again for all your help and it’s a pleasure knowing you. With appreciation.

Author & Publisher

I worked very closely with Naimeh, the MD, in the design and implementation of the marketing programme for our new values app. She is very knowledgeable, creative, and persistent in following up on projects once they have been launched. I can heartily recommend Mediatative Digital Marketing.

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